Artificial Intelligence to Read Ski Resort Slope Crowds?

At we’re always looking to improve visitor experience for ski resorts. Right now in our AI lab, we’re messing around with some artificial intelligence to read ski slope traffic real-time. Or thinking about it another way, ski slope “crowding”. We're excited for the implications for both skiers / snowboarders and resorts.

A proof of concept tracking where ski resorts’ visitors are concentrating on the mountains.

A proof of concept tracking where ski resorts’ visitors are concentrating on the mountains.

Imagine if the slopes were a little light, say on Bronco Sunday in Denver. If the game starts turning into a blow-out (either way:), football fans may be more likely to head to the resorts if they got an animated alert showing them what they were missing on the mountain.

Slope Crowd Size (Percent)

Bring in more resort visitors on low population days with AI. We believe this tech could increase visits by at least 12%.

Digital Out of Home animated billboards could run on high-traffic areas in downtown Denver

  • 16th Street Mall

  • Union Station for train and bus travelers arriving

  • Denver International Airport

  • Pearl St. in Boulder reminding shoppers what their alternatives are.

We created a way to send alerts to visitors coupled with our own SnowCAP technology to help fill in the low turn-out days.

With AI alerts notifying skiers and snowboarders when slope crowds are low we think they’ll be more likely to schedule days off ahead of time after they are able to actually observe the low-crowding times on their favorite slopes.

Since resort visits are usually lower during the middle of the work week along with webcam traffic, we believe our AI would help load balance this downtime generating more revenue for the ski industry along with a better experience for the visitor.

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